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Psychocybin Recordings is a record label based out of Palm Beach, FL. Founded in October 2012 by Dan Fallen. Psychocybin has been a part of the dubstep scene since the early days. In 2015 Psychocybin went through the R.I.P. (Restart In Progress) as a way to rebrand and to help it achieve it's original goals. The first release since the R.I.P. was Megatronus X & Khamun Cents - "Bad Influence" in 2015. Since then Psychocybin has released tunes from dozens of different artists from across the globe.

When it all began, Psychocybin was but a dream of Dan's. A way to outlet the music that was bound to set the path for the rest of his life. By creating Psychocybin, the act of cataloging and showcasing some of the best underground artist's music became a possibility. Since not all music would be fitting to Psychocybin, Dan with the help of Evan Saunders, Daniel Mather, and Christian Lazenby created MMG, a conglomerate that parents multiple sub-labels including Riddim Headquarters, Heady Records and Dubstep Nation Exclusive. Following the creating of MMG, Psychocybin created two more sub-labels, Psychocybin Prime for more experimental and underground dubstep and Psychocybin Deep for the deepest vibrations known to the underground bass music scene.

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