DeemZoo – Koalafied

DeemZoo finally makes his long awaited Psychocybin debut with his new hit single, “Koalafied”. Join the bass king of animals as he experiments into the mind and eyes of the Koala. This adorable staple of the outback is equally as cute, as it’s potential to be ferocious. “Koalafied” propels you on an adventure that begins happy and sophisticated, which later drops you into a heart-pounding bass sequence that’s sure to get the chakras aligned beautifully. The track ends with a similar tranquility as the beginning, only demonstrating the sheer multifariousness of the Koala.
DeemZoo represents mother nature and the creatures we share the world with. He is the newest addition to the Psychocybin family, championing a wide array of experimental bass and downtempo to their already diverse repetiteur of unique engineers. This piece was released via Psychocybin Records on November 13th, 2021.

You can listen to the track here:

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