Dewaxed – Badman Clouds

Dewaxed is back for another smashing piece of art to grace the Psychocybin Deep arsenal with “Badman Clouds”. This body of work explores a harrowing interpretation of blended sounds from aspects of bass and reggae. Dewaxed engulfs his listeners in a sophisticated conglomeration that showcases the melodic blends of horns along with the soothing, squishy bass that reminds us of why we enjoy the weird, complex sounds of bass music. Dewaxed does a gorgeous job of encompassing the perfect number of sounds and rhythms to render the space of time given to his listeners. Like the rest of his body of work, “Badman Clouds” pieces together the thorough elements of chill, vibey atmospheres that make us all feel like we are in a tropical paradise, enjoying the nature and plants that were graced to us from the universe. We can only hope and dream that this stellar producer continues creating and gracing the cosmos with more elegant sounds and music to fulfill his duties of positive vibe curation. “Badman Clouds” released on August 12th, 2022 via Psychocybin Deep and is available for free download!

You can listen to the tune here:

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