gNat – Beguiled

The stunning and talented artist, gNat joins the heavy-hitting Psychocybin family with his latest banger, “Beguiled”! The unique qualities of this exquisite track are embodied by characteristics of a multitude of genres of our past. In this piece, gNat taps into our spiritual minds with elegant, beautiful guitar patterns that encompass our love and passion for melody. “Beguiled” also propels you into a time machine, showcasing scratch patterns that the founding fathers of electronic music would be proud and honored to have pioneered. Just when you think you’re being taken on a spiritual journey, gNat throws you threw a loop with his own set of plans that pleasantly surprise his listeners. Keep your ears peeled for more Psychocybin releases from this bass music juggernaut! This track dropped on May 27th, 2022 via Psychocybin Recordings and is available for free download!

You can listen to the track here:

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