MAC & Internal Frequency – Kaiju

Mac and Internal frequency agglutinate the Psychocybin roster with their latest collaboration, “Kaiju”. The conjunction of these stellar musicians creates a whirlwind of glamorous and enchanting sounds that are certain to tickle your fancies as well as your eardrums. “Kaiju” propels its listeners into a state of bliss with technical neuro-bass sound design and clean, crispy percussions that tie the piece together with elegance. This stunning piece treats us to two thunderous drops, each with its own unique and particular characteristics. The sky is the limit with these two continuously releasing music into the ether of our universe. One can only hope that this won’t be the last mended connection of vibes and sound. This track dropped on July 1st, 2022 via Psychocybin Deep and is available for free download!

You can listen to the tune here:

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