Psyoptic & Khamun Cents – Bring Dat Back

Psychocybin Recordings showcases yet another thunderous banger of a tune called “Bring Dat Back”, written and produced by Psyoptic and Khamun Cents. These two bass juggernauts surely hit the mark on this piece, illustrating the depths and atmospheres of reggae and bass music. Bob Marley would certainly be proud of this modern, electronic twist of a genre he once pioneered. The twosome explores and power mind-numbing sound design that’s sure to tickle the pineal gland of any bass connoisseur. The filthy bass lines are embellished with an avid symmetrical, rhythmic pulse of elite percussion that drives the march and force of this track.
You can rest assure knowing that this won’t be the last time these two commingle on a project. The success and prowess of this work of art will only reiterate the obvious need for another fusion from these two engineers. “Bring Dat Back” released on November 26th, 2021 via Psychocybin Recordings.

You can listen to the tune here:

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