Psyoptic – Melodies and Miracles

Psyoptic is back in action, as he ventures into the realm of melodic bass with his latest hit single, “Melodies and Miracles”. The title could not be anymore justified, as he showcases magnificent minor key chord progressions, along with the soothing, stunning use of bells and textures. These elements manifest a haunting, witchy vibe to the piece which creates the deep, dark and beautiful aura of this piece of audio craftsmanship. While most of his tunes dwell in the sphere of murky obscurity, “Melodies and Miracles” has evolved into the epitome of dark euphony. Regardless of the melodic direction, Psyoptic continues to stay true to his crushing and thunderous bass sound design. By combining the two facets of melody and bass, he unbars the limitless possibilities of a sincerely unique bass music experience. This masterpiece dropped on March 25th, 2022 via the one and only Psychocybin Recordings, and is available for free download.

You can listen to the track here:

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